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    Jiangsu Rongyue Textile Co., Ltd


    : Manager Hua

    : +00886-138-1667-2429


    : Mark@rytextile.com

    : Science and Technology Innovation Park, Siming Town, Sheyang County, Yancheng City



    Jiangsu Rongyue Textile Co., Ltd. is an industrial and trading integrated textile and garment enterprise.Our company is equipped with a weaving factory, printing factory, and so on,which can provide one-stop service, with an absolute price advantage. We are specialized in the import and export of Christmas, Halloween, Carnival party supplies and related accessories. Our company has its own unique graphics, a professional design team, and a specific associate factory, there are new products released every year.In order to protect our products, we will apply for the copyright of some clothing styles every year. Our company adopts warehouse sales, regular products from stock supply.We can also provide sample production and customized design to meet customer needs anytime. Welcome friends and purchasers from all over the world to visit our company. Our company will be an excellent partner for you.

    Service support telephone: 138-1667-2429

    Address: Science and Technology Innovation Park, Siming Town, Sheyang County

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