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    Chinas textile and garment industry faces multiple new opportunities for development in the 13th five year plan

    2019-05-22 11:40:18

    At the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, China's textile and garment industry has successfully completed the main objectives of the 12th Five Year Plan, effectively promoted the implementation process of the strategy of textile power, and laid a good foundation for the implementation of intelligent manufacturing of textile industry under the strategy of "made in China 2025".

    Since the 12th Five Year Plan, the characteristics of economic adjustment and deceleration are obvious. Although the growth rate of scale benefit of textile and garment industry has slowed down, it still achieves stable growth, and the main structural adjustment targets are completed as planned.

    Intelligent manufacturing in textile industry has been promoted, and the contribution rate of science and technology has exceeded 40%

    In the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's clothing technology has made great progress. Wen Lisheng, deputy director of the science and Technology Expert Committee of China Garment Association, clearly put forward that the establishment of China's clothing power should be reflected from four aspects, namely, to realize the clothing technology power, clothing brand power, clothing talent power and clothing sustainable development power. Since the 12th Five Year Plan, the textile industry has paid more attention to and invested in scientific and technological innovation. The technology of high-performance fiber and composite materials, textile equipment, integration of industrialization and industrialization, functional and personalized textile and garment design and manufacturing has been continuously improved. Technological progress has driven the total labor productivity to increase about 80% compared with the end of the 11th five year plan. 14 achievements have won the national science and technology award, among which "complete set of technology and equipment for cheese digital automatic dyeing" has won the first prize of national science and technology progress award, and 557 achievements have won the science and technology award of China Textile Industry Federation.

    Intelligent manufacturing in textile industry has been promoted. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, functional, differentiated fiber and high-tech fiber complete sets of technology and equipment level have been further improved, continuous, automatic and high-speed new textile equipment has been widely used, online monitoring technology application has been deepened, management system and comprehensive application have been promoted in large and medium-sized enterprises, e-commerce has rapidly developed into a highlight of the industry, clothing personalized customization technology The operation began to be applied.

    The positioning of the 13th five year plan will be adjusted and faced with multiple development opportunities

    "At present, the textile industry is stabilizing slowly, the downward pressure is relatively large, the comprehensive cost is rising, and enterprises are in the process of transformation. In particular, the export pressure is very high this year, and the devaluation of EU currency further increases the order transfer. Therefore, the overall pressure of the industry is relatively large, and we need to find new development space and new development outlet through structural adjustment and innovation drive. " Wang Tiankai, President of China Textile Industry Federation, said.

    Through the transformation, clothing brands will upgrade product design and sales channels, so as to find a sustainable development path. Nowadays, more and more domestic brands are focusing on the huge market capacity of "fast fashion". In the face of fierce market competition and high inventory pressure, a number of local garment enterprises began to "copy" the mode of fast fashion brand rapid research and development, rapid delivery cycle and zero inventory, accelerating their entry into the field of fast fashion. In recent years, many local clothing brands, including Metersbonwe, Giordano and Benelux, have been playing the banner of "fast fashion" overtly or covertly. In addition, the Chinese sports brand "boss" Li Ning also turned to sports fast fashion, took out 10% of the products to test the "fast fashion" supply chain, and compressed the product update speed to 60 days.

    The men's wear brand hinour, which mainly specializes in suits, subdivides its products into customized, wedding series and leisure series in order to win more market share; bosden has transformed the former franchise agency mode into the private brand professional retailer business model since last year, so as to realize the rapid response of enterprises to the changes of market demand by simplifying the supply chain links and compressing the logistics time 。

    At present, the 13th five year plan for the textile industry is being formulated. It is understood that under the new normal of China's economic development, the textile industry will be repositioned, which can be summarized in three sentences: People's livelihood and pillar industry of national economic and social development, fashion and consumption industry promoting cultural creativity and lifestyle, and leading industry of high-tech application, international development and business model innovation.

    At the same time, under the background of the current layout of ecological civilization construction in China, China's textile industry will promote the construction of ecological civilization from the establishment of mechanism, technology and products and circular economy during the 13th Five Year Plan period. E-commerce, intelligent digital production, energy conservation and environmental protection are expected to become new highlights. There may be a breakthrough in the waste recycling system. It is expected to organize the pilot demonstration of resource recycling and reuse, cultivate leading backbone enterprises, and establish industrial parks and industrial bases for waste textile recycling under the guidance of government planning.

    Multiple factors bring benefits to the Internet and change the industry form

    The "one belt, one road" strategy has brought new opportunities to the industry. One belt, one road China, is Sun Huaibin, deputy secretary of the China Federation of textile industry. The regional structure of the textile industry is mainly concentrated in coastal areas, and the obvious development of the central and western regions is lagging behind. Through the strategic adjustment of "one belt and one road", the Midwest will be a new way of development, such as capacity cooperation, cotton textile industry and industrial textiles.

    In terms of overseas investment, with the rising costs of labor, environmental protection and land in China, at present, overseas investment in the industry has spread from clothing to yarn, dyeing and finishing industries in the upstream of the industrial chain; from the beginning of small enterprises as the main business, many large enterprises have begun to make overseas layout and transfer production bases abroad.

    Lin Yunfeng, vice president of the textile industry branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade, believes that there are two main ideas for "going out" in the next step. One is to take the route of raw materials and upstream resources, and the other is to extend the brand.

    The Internet has already changed the traditional textile industry through the mode of e-commerce, but it was only in the sales link before. Cao Xuejun, director of the textile department of the consumer goods industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the Internet has brought significant opportunities to the textile industry. Vigorously promoting the integration and development of the textile industry and Internet technology is an important task for the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry in the future.

    The future direction is to vigorously promote the integrated development of the Internet, information technology and the textile industry in the textile industry, improve the level of collaborative innovation, manufacturing and fine management of the industry, optimize the supply chain, and promote the transformation of the textile industry to be intelligent, green and service-oriented. At the same time, the Internet will promote the extension of textile manufacturing to service. In the process of promoting the application of the Internet in textile enterprises, suppliers of information systems and systematic solutions are derived, forming a new growth point of enterprises and providing better services for enterprises to expand their core business.



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