b. 1971, Pittsburgh, PA
Works in Los Angeles & San Diego CA

Southern California based artist YESNIK pulls inspiration from his immediate surroundings and natural environments he frequents, which in turn edify the model and makeup of his paintings. Through deliberate, color-laden brush strokes and with an ardent attention to shapes, YESNIK is able to create semi-abstracted objects and imagery that convey texture, tonality, and emotion. Informed by artists like Max Ernst and Paul Nash, this type of abstraction utilizing distorted formations, alludes to a suggested altered reality that currently permeates contemporary society—what’s seen versus what’s unseen, and how we choose to comprehend our world.
Working within an array of vibrant deep hues, the viewer becomes engulfed within an arrangement of shapes. Thru this, we begin to notice figures situated within sweeping landscapes of petrified wood or stone that come to resemble fossilized traces of a past existence—a looking back to our ancestral roots so to speak. These abstruse objects, come to life in his paintings and become metaphors for a society that YESNIK believes has entered into an evolutionary pitfall. As the artist states “we are living in a society perpetually stunted by its own free will and potential demise”. This suggestion—within a brazen juxtaposition of visual beauty—might imply that we are living in the most convenient denial.

2018     "For Worse & Better" YESNIK x JAYBO, F-U Space, Los Angeles CA (Sept)
            "Platinum Blend 4" Stephanie Chefas Projects, Portland OR (group)
            "Subliminal Sanctuary" Jules Maeght Gallery, San Francisco CA (duo)
2017     "Mojave" F-U Space (For the Unconventional), Los Angeles CA (solo)
            "Van Gogh Ate My Dog" YESNIK x JAYBO, Kallenbach Gallery, Amsterdam Netherlands (duo)
            "Momentary Bliss" New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles CA (project room solo)
2015     "The Modern Condition" FFDG, San Francisco CA (solo)
2015     "Ashes to Ashes" Die Kunstagentin, Cologne Germany (solo)
2014     "Cushion of Memory" Library Street Collective, Detriot MI (solo)
             Everything prior to the above is the past.

Penny and Russell Fortune Collection, Indianapolis Indiana
The Dean Collection, New York NY
Victoria and Albert Museum, London England
Takashi Murakami Collection, Tokyo Japan

EDUCATION (formally and informally)
Art Institute of Pittsburgh / Atlanta 1989 - 1993 BA, Visual Communication
Autodidactic Studies 2010 - 2014 MFA, Painting