In recent years I've embarked on a new chapter in the development of my painting that came from a 5-year stint that ended in 2015 after living in a semi-isolated mountain town adjacent to Sequoia National Park in Central California. During this time period my art making as a whole—process, theory, technique—transformed and became of me.
From this experience I allowed myself to delve into nurturing my own aesthetic which set into motion the work I begin creating in 2014. What came from an Autodidactic undertaking into a personal fine art exploration allowed me to develop a keen understanding of how to concisely speak within a visual language of self-expression by use of tone, texture and mood conveyed within the paintings innate environment.
My works are made up of abstracted elements that may be somewhat recognizable and are mostly a product of the natural environments I frequently spend time in. How I see us, as humans, fitting into this equation is an integral part of what provokes me to create in this manner.

b. 1971, Pittsburgh, PA
Works in Los Angeles & San Diego CA

2018     "For Worse & Better" YESNIK x JAYBO, F-U Space, Los Angeles CA (Sept)
            "Platinum Blend 4" Stephanie Chefas Projects, Portland OR (group - June)
            "Subliminal Sanctuary" Jules Maeght Gallery, San Francisco CA (duo)
2017     "Mojave" F-U Space (For the Unconventional), Los Angeles CA (solo)
            "Van Gogh Ate My Dog" YESNIK x JAYBO, Kallenbach Gallery, Amsterdam Netherlands (duo)
            "Momentary Bliss" New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles CA (project room solo)
2015     "The Modern Condition" FFDG, San Francisco CA (solo)
2015     "Ashes to Ashes" Die Kunstagentin, Cologne Germany (solo)
2014     "Cushion of Memory" Library Street Collective, Detriot MI (solo)
Everything prior to the above is the past.
EDUCATION (formally and informally)
Art Institute of Pittsburgh / Atlanta 1989 - 1993 BA, Visual Communication
Autodidactic Studies 2010 - 2014 MFA, Painting